Dr. Alexandra Duffy

Licensed Psychologist

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About Dr. Duffy…...

Dr. Alexandra Hiatt Duffy earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the George Washington University in Washington DC. She specializes in providing educational and psychological assessments for children, adolescents and adults. She has worked with students in private and public schools in Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC and Charlotte. She completed training counseling students for academic and emotional concerns at George Washington University and Catholic University in Washington DC.

At Harvard University, Dr. Duffy completed an advanced post-doctoral fellowship. She provided counseling to undergraduate, graduate and law students to help them adjust to the university and overcome difficulties that might interfere with the definition and accomplishment of their educational, personal and career goals. She also helped students identify and address academic issues of time management, procrastination, test anxiety, study skill deficits and attention difficulties. 

Dr. Duffy also specializes in the treatment of serious emotional and behavioral problems in children and teens. She completed an APA accredited internship at an inpatient hospital in Modesto CA specializing in crisis stabilization and treatment of acute issues. She also worked as at Casa Pacifica, a level five residential treatment center just outside of Los Angeles. She provided intensive cognitive behavioral treatment to children and adolescents who were unable to be managed their homes or group home settings. Treatment included teaching children cognitive strategies and social skills to improve coping to enable them to live more effective and fulfilling lives. Family therapy and parent/sibling support groups were essential components of the treatment.

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