Dr. Alexandra Duffy

Licensed Psychologist

Call Us:  704-654-1920

                                                 Psychotherapy Services:

Dr. Duffy provides psychotherapy for children, teens and adults. Services are provided at either of Dr. Duffy's convenient office locations. Concierge therapy services are also provided that can include on-set, in office or home-based sessions tailored to meet your needs and busy schedule. Dr. Duffy tailors treatment to the individual and utilizes psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral and interpersonal therapy techniques.

Some of the concerns and issues commonly addressed in therapy include the following:

  •  Attention difficulties and their impact on academic, social and work life.
  • Depression, Mood Swings and Anxiety
  • Shyness and Social Anxiety
  • Academic Difficulties and Learning Disabilities
  • Body Image, Eating Disorders and Self-Esteem issues
  • Relationship and Family Problems
  • Stress Management and Healthy Lifestyles
  • Career/Interest Assessment and Planning