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Insurance companies consider admissions testing to be "educational" in nature and therefore do not offer coverage for these services. Payment for testing is required when the appointment is made. Upon request, Dr. Duffy will provide a receipt of payment after testing is completed. You can then discuss this directly with your insurance carrier. 

Please be advised that insurance companies typically base consideration of coverage on testing for diagnostic purposes in establishing or documenting a medical diagnosis. Admissions testing and gifted assessments do not establish a diagnosis. If you are interested in a full, comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, please contact Dr. Duffy for more information. 


Dr. Duffy is in-network with BCBSNC and accepts Student Blue; however, the BCBS obtained through the healthcare marketplace/Obamacare does not offer coverage for testing or mental health services. Dr. Duffy can help determine if your policy covers testing. Dr. Duffy will file claims for you with BCBS and collect any copayments, deductible amounts or co-insurnace directly from you. 

Please note that many other insurance companies often do not cover these evaluations as they consider them educational in nature. in that case, Dr Duffy will provide receipts of payment of full fees for you to submit to your insurance for any available reimbursement. Please email Dr Duffy for more information on fees for specific services. 
 Please contact Dr. Duffy's office for assistance determining any applicable insurance coverage for services at admin@dralexduffy.com or (704) 654-1920.

Codes to provide to your insurance company: 

Psychological Testing 96101

ICD-10 codes:

ADHD F90.9

Reading disorder/dyslexia F81.1

Math disorder F81.2

Written Expression disorder F81.81

To schedule an appointment in Winston Salem, Harrisburg or Charlotte NC, please call: (704) 654-1920 or admin@dralexduffy.com